About Durable Roofing LLC.

When It Comes To Your Roof, Who Will You Trust?

Durable Roofing is a local family owned business with a strong commitment to the local community.

Durable Roofing’s values have not changed over the years since its founding. Betterment to the community and the people we serve remains our company goal.

The Durable Roofing Team

We are thankful to have developed a reputation among our customers and other contractors for quality workmanship and high performing products

We are located near Birnamwood Wisconsin.

We understand that roofing investments can potentially bring great satisfaction and years of invaluable service, or regrets and years of headaches and repairs.

Our customers have enjoyed peace of mind and freedom from the disruptions caused by failing roof systems, and the additional consequential damages to their buildings and contents.

With company ownership and management closely involved with every job, we strive to maintain the vital link of communication with customers.

We offer roofing products on the cutting edge of the green building movement, including Energy Star rated metals and roof membranes, as well as exciting, new green (garden) roofs.