Flat Roofs.

Duro-Last PVC Flat Roof Membrane

Duro-Last is a flexible PVC membrane that has a time-proven track record of over 30 years both in product performance and company integrity.

Duro-Last is a perfect solution for re-roofing over existing membrane or for steel retrofit, as well as leaking masonry sidewalls and other challenging details.

Screws are used to mechanically fasten the membrane rather than gluing it down. All seams are heat welded rather than depending on adhesive to keep the pieces of membrane together. Adhesives are typically the weakest link in other types of roof applications.

Sheets of Duro-Last are factory formed to the specific size of the roof, creating far less field seams during the installation, which is where leaks tend to occur. This enables faster install time which minimizes risks of water damage to the building during re-roofing.

Curbs and pipe flashings are factory made according to exact rooftop measurements, ensuring proper fit and eliminating most on-site fabrication of details.

Duro-Last comes in pure white and holds the highest solar reflectivity throughout its lifetime of any single-ply roof on the market.

Tan and gray colors are also available, and for a slightly higher charge, shingle and stone ballast prints are available on Duro-Last membrane as well.

Duro-Last offers the best Warranty available for flat roof membranes, covering not only Labor and Material, but also Consequential Damages should the roof system fail.

Duro-Last has awarded Durable Roofing the Master Elite Contractor status due to consistently superior installation of roof systems.

EPDM Rubber and TPO Flat Roof Membranes

For a lower cost alternative, we install fully adhered EPDM rubber and TPO roof systems.

Although they have a shorter life expectancy than Duro-Last membranes, these roof systems still deliver economical solutions in certain situations.

We recommend EPDM rubber be glued to the roof surface with adhesive and the seams be taped.

We recommend TPO membranes be screwed down. Seams and details are heat welded which is a strength over EPDM.

TPO is yet developing its track record with expectations of a 20 year life-span on flat roofs.

We also offer repair work and maintenance of EPDM rubber and TPO flat roof membranes.