Roof Inspections.

15 Point Roof Inspection

As your roof system reaches the latter part of its expected service life, you start to think more about the condition of the roofing, especially as heavy winds and storms take their toll. How will you know if your roof is in the condition to keep that weather out of your home? With Durable Roofing, you don't have to worry any longer. For your peace of mind, we offer a 15 point roof inspection, to proactively search out and address weak areas before they become an issue. We will repair or estimate a replacement of your roof system that will keep you in comfort and security to weather most any storm. Because we take the extra time to get to the root of your roofing issues, you can be confident that your roof system will outlast those installed by ordinary means.

Our 15 Point Roof Inspection includes checking for:

  1. Proper shingle overhangs at eaves and rake edges.
  2. Check to see if shingles are curled, brittle, or deteriorated.
  3. Check for loose shingles.
  4. Inspect roof for missing shingle granules.
  5. Inspect seals on shingles to help prevent wind damage.
  6. Measure for, and calculate for proper attic ventilation.
  7. Inspect attic intake vents for blockage.
  8. Inspect all Attic vents for holes or cracks.
  9. Interior attic inspection for moisture, or dry rot.
  10. Inspect all valleys for cracks, and deterioration.
  11. Check gutters and downspouts for blockage.
  12. Inspect fastening method used from original installation.
  13. Inspect flashings at all walls.